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ConstructSafe Assessments

Workplace Training Limited is an approved ConstructSafe knowledge assessment center. We deliver assessments nationwide at a time and place that suits you.

ConstructSafe is a New Zealand construction health and safety assessment developed by industry for industry. It aims to improve health and safety and provide an assurance that people remain safe - in the same way a drivers licence proves you're competent to drive, ConstructSafe provides the assurance that every worker on site understands what's required to carry out their job safely.

ConstructSafe is a nationally recognised health and safety competency scheme.

Once a candidate has the basic level of health and safety training, they can take the ConstructSafe Foundation knowledge assessment. Once you have successfully completed the Foundation knowledge assessment, you can add on any of the specialist trade assessments. 

We provide a 2-hour training course based on the Foundation knowledge assessment framework (NZBA Health and Safety Awareness). This training is ideally suited to those who are new to construction, have English as a second language or who have not had any health and safety training in the previous 2 years.

Why choose us?

  • Our service can be delivered at your location, nationwide by prior arrangement

  • Convenient times and location to suit your requirements, saving down time and money

  • We have completed thousands of assessment for many different businesses.


If a location or time is not identified via our online booking system, give us a call or email with your requirements and we may be able to help.

Pre-register for your assessment by clicking here.

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This assessment is for everybody in the NZ building and construction industry.


It is based on the foundation H&S standard and covers what everyone must know and do to keep themselves and others safe.



Based on the industry H&S standard for those people who may have management responsibility for multiple trades and/or multiple sites/and or large sites or projects.


This assessment is also aimed at owners of small construction businesses.



A suite of assessments aligned to the health and safety aspects of the main trades and occupations in the industry.


Download Framework For:







A suite of assessments aligned to the H&S aspects of occupations that support the building and construction industry (e.g. Engineers & Designers, Client Based Professionals, and H&S Practitioners.



Aligned to the industry H&S standard for coal face leaders (e.g. leading hands, foremen). Specifically aimed at site based leaders of small teams of construction workers.

Pre-Requisite: Our 2-day Supervising Safely Course

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