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Supervising Safely

Effective safety management in the workplace!

This is a two day course designed to build and expand on the knowledge you already have and to focus that knowledge to allow you to tackle the health and safety issues that supervisors are responsible for everyday.


The course consists of two modules. It is ideal for all site leaders as well as those new or shoulder tapped supervisors of a construction site.

The course covers:

  1. How to promote good health and safety culture and influence good safe behaviour in your team.

  2. How to communicate effectively

  3. Your responsibilities under the HSW Act and regulations

  4. How to plan a job and develop a thorough and well-thought out analysis of a specific task

  5. How to analyse the root cause of an accident objectively

  6. How to manage any incident effectively and appropriately

IMPORTANT: Completion of this course will allow you to take the ConstructSafe Tier 3 Supervisor Test! This is an industry recognised competency.


This course is available both face to face (in the classroom) and online!

If you'd prefer to attend the online webinar, please give us a call and we will arrange this for you

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