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Workplace Training and Verification

Preparing adults for assessment and verifying workplace assessment

This is a one day course designed to help learners with their understanding and knowledge of adult training, preparing adults for assessment and verifying workplace assessment.


The course comes in two parts: Theory and Practical.

The theory component is separated into 9 chapters:


  1. Motivation

  2. Objectives

  3. Learning Barriers

  4. Learning

  5. Verifying

  6. Preparation

  7. Feedback

  8. Listening

  9. Assessment

Each chapter is focused on helping the learner to better understand how to make workplace training more effective for their team. Subjects like finding out what motivates a learner, how different people learn, setting goals and identifying learning barriers all help to make the workplace learning environment more comfortable and applicable to all involved. Topics such as Verifying, Preparation, Feedback, Listening and Assessment aim to help the learner understand the importance of doing the job correctly as well as being able to set their team up for success when it comes to workplace qualifications.

There are formative assessments at the conclusion of each chapter to ensure the learner is confident with the subject matter. The theory chapters conclude with a final summative quiz, testing the learners knowledge of each subject.

Upon the completion of the theory section the learner will undertake a Practical Observation.

The practical observation is carried out in the workplace and requires someone more senior to the learner (or a subject matter expert) to observe the learner during the workplace training and verification process with a learner of their own.

The practical observations act to ensure that the learner is able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice as well as fellow workplace policies, practices and best practice guidelines.


This course is available both face to face (in the classroom) and online!

If you'd prefer to attend the online webinar, please give us a call and we will arrange this for you

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