H&S Kits

Having fit for purpose Health and Safety systems and procedures in place is a critical part of a successful, and importantly legally compliant business within New Zealand. Its not as hard, expensive or time consuming as you think to meet your legal requirements!

Workplace Training provide cost effective customisable document templates to assist you in the development of health and safety policies and procedures to facilitate you meeting regulatory requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Our documents are not full of jargon nor identify surplus requirements. All information is presented in an easy to read and importantly easy to use manner which can be applied either via traditional pen and paper systems or simple electronic based systems using the Microsoft Office suite of documents.

Basic Health and Safety Documents

Essential policies, procedures, and forms for your business to meet minimum health and safety requirements

Health and Safety Documents Personalised to your Business

Comprehensive documentation specifically tailored to your operation with the option of 12 monthly reviews by Workplace Training

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