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Workplace English (Construction)

Equip your team with the language skills they need to thrive in the construction industry with this course. It's designed to bridge language barriers, enhance communication, and boost productivity on construction sites

About This Course

Course Fee
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This 6-week training programme consists of 2 sessions per week, totaling 12 classes of 1.5 hours each class. Aimed at non-native English speakers working in the construction sector, this course focuses on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills essential for effective workplace communication..

Training is available in-classroom in Albany or Manukau, or online via self-directed eLearning. Options are available for at location, by prior arrangement. 

Course Overview

Whether your team members need to understand safety instructions, communicate with colleagues, or engage with clients, this course will empower them with the language skills necessary for success. Enrol your team members into our Workplace English (Construction) course today and break down language barriers for improved efficiency and safety on your work sites.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Gain confidence in speaking and understanding English in construction-related contexts.

  2. Improve reading and writing skills for interpreting documents, such as safety manuals and work orders.

  3. Enhance listening skills for following instructions and communicating with colleagues and supervisors.

  4. Develop vocabulary relevant to the construction industry, including terminology for tools, materials, and processes.

Content and Delivery

Course content is facilitated by an experienced trainer and

covers a range of topics including:

  • Safety protocols and procedures

  • Construction site terminology

  • Communication with colleagues and supervisors

  • Reading and interpreting work documents

  • Writing emails and reports


  • 1.5-hour classroom or online webinar sessions

Classes will be interactive, engaging learners in role-plays, discussions, and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning. Our experienced trainers will provide individualised attention to address specific language needs and challenges faced by learners.

Information for Learners

Entry and selection requirements:

To enroll in our Workplace English (Construction) course, learners must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of English Language Placement Test: All prospective learners must complete our English Language Placement Test. This test assesses reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to determine each learner's current proficiency level. Based on the results, learners will be placed in an appropriate course level to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

  • Construction Industry Affiliation: Learners should be currently employed or seeking employment in the construction industry. This course is tailored to address the language needs of individuals working in construction-related roles, including laborers, supervisors, and managers.

  • Commitment: Learners and their workplaces should be committed to attending all sessions of the course. Consistent attendance and active participation are essential for maximising the benefits of the program


  1. Formative Assessment: Throughout the course, learners will engage in various formative assessments, including quizzes, exercises, and speaking activities. These assessments provide ongoing feedback to learners allowing for continuous improvement and adjustment as needed.

  2. Summative Assessment: At the end of the course, learners will undergo a summative assessment to evaluate their overall progress and proficiency in workplace English. This assessment may include written tests, oral presentations, and practical demonstrations of language skills relevant to construction contexts.

Reassessment and Appeals:

Learners are able to re-sit assessments for which they do not achieve competency. If learners wish to re-sit assessments, they will need to contact the Training Coordinator who will arrange for this to take place.

In the event that candidates have a concern about their assessment, we ask that in the first instance, you talk with the trainer or contact the Training Coordinator. The trainer will re-assess the learner in consultation with the Workplace Training management team. If the learner is still not satisfied following the re-assessment procedure, Workplace Training will initiate external post-assessment moderation with the appropriate advisory group member for a final assessment decision.

Welfare and Guidance:

Learners are able to approach the trainer regarding support, guidance and cultural sensitivities.

Treaty of Waitangi / Te Tiriti O Waitangi:

Workplace Training recognises the Treaty of Waitangi as the founding document of New Zealand and seeks to apply the principles of the treaty in our day to day activities.

Content and Delivery
Course Overview
Learning Outcomes
Information for Learners
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